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  • GCr15 Bearing Steel

GCr15 Bearing Steel

GCr15 Bearing Steel Mechanical Properties:

1. After the ball annealing has good cutting performance. High and uniform hardness after quenching and tempering.

2. The high fatigue strength. Good thermal processing performance

3. The strong sensitivity of white point, poor welding performance.

4. having a high and uniform hardness, To bear a greater load on a small section of quenched and tempered parts and less stress normalizing large parts.

GCr15 Bearing Steel Chemical  Composition:

C Si Mn  Cr P S Mo
0.95-1.05 0.15-0.35 0.25-0.45 1.40-1.65 ≤0.025 ≤0.025 ≤0.10
  • Introduction

  • Heat Treatment

  • Applications

  • Equivalent Grade

  • GcR15 Introduction:

    GCr15 is a commom steel which is used to produce balls and rings of bearing. The product has characteristics of uniform-chemical composition, low percentage of harmful elements, high purity, well-distributed carbide, good surface quality. It also has characteristics of wide scope of plastic,stable heat-treatment quality, uniformand high hardness, high wear resistance,high strength of touching fatigue. It has excellent machining property afer spheroidize annealing.

  • GCr15 Heat Treatment:

    Soft annealing: heat to 680-720°C, cool slowly.Hardness after annealing: Max. 241 HB.Hardening: 820 - 850 °C.Normalizing temperature: 840-880°C.Tempering: 540-680°C.

  • GCr15 Steel Application:

    For the production of bearing rings and rolling elements such as: the production of an internal combustion engine, electric motor vehicles, cars, tractors, machine tools, rolling machines, drilling machines, mining machinery, general machinery, and high-speed rotation of the high-load toolsteel.com/bearing-steel/' target='_blank'>bearing steel mechanical transmission ball, roller and race. In addition to doing ball bearing rings endures, sometimes used to make tools, such as dies, measuring tools.

  • GCr15 Equivalent Grade:

    100Cr6 1.3505 SUJ2 toolsteel.com/bearing-steel/' target='_blank'>EN31 GCr15 ⅢX15


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