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  • 52100 Bearing Steel

52100 Bearing Steel

52100 Steel Mechanical Properties:

The most common material used to produce the load carrying components in precision ball bearings, roller bearings, and tapered roller bearings is 52100 chrome steel. These components are the bearings inner and outer rings, balls and rollers. The chemical composition of this steel has high carbon and about 1.5% chromium content. Using controlled processing and heat-treating methods the finished bearing components have high strength to resist cracking and a hard surface to resist subsurface rolling contact fatigue. The typical surface hardness for bearing components made from this material ranges from 60- 64 on the Rockwell hardness C scale (Rc).

SAE 52100 Chemical  Composition:

C(%) Si(%) Mn(%)  Cr(%) P(%) S(%)
0.95-1.10 0.15-0.35 0.25-0.45 1.35-1.60 ≤0.025 ≤0.015
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  • Equivalent Grade

  • 52100 Introduction:

    52100 is a high carbon, chromium containing low alloy steel that is through hardening and noted in particular for use as bearings. Applications. Principal applications are those for bearings in rotating machinery. Machinability. Machinability of 52100 alloy is good by conventional methods.

  • 52100.html' target='_blank'>AISI 52100 Heat Treatment:

    Heat treatment consists of heating to 1500 F followed by an oil quench for through hardening of the alloy. A normalizing heat treatment at 1600 F and slow cooling, to relieve machining stress, may be employed prior to the 1500 F and quench treatment.


    Anneal at 1600 F and slow cool to relieve machining or cold working strains.


    Temper at 400 F.


    It also may be carburized at 1675 F and quenched after sufficient time for carburization. A second heating to 1450 F and second quench from that temperature should be used. 

  • SAE 52100 Steel Applications:

    AISI 52100 toolsteel.com/bearing-steel/' target='_blank'>bearing steel is used in a variety of mechanical applications. In the annealed condition this steel is comparatively easy to machine, yet very high hardness and abrasion resistance can be developed by heat treatment to make the steel particularly suitable for applications requiring extreme wear resistance. In addition, 52100 toolsteel.com/bearing-steel/' target='_blank'>bearing steel can be heat treated to high levels of tensile strength and fatigue strength.

  • 52100 Equivalent Grade:

    100Cr6 1.3505 SUJ2 toolsteel.com/bearing-steel/' target='_blank'>EN31 GCr15


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